Mission Statement

The Mission of The Marie Fleche Memorial Library as established by our benefactor, Lucien P. Fleche, provides that the Library premises, buildings, and facilities shall be held, used, maintained and administered in perpetuity for the education, use and benefit of the general public, and particularly for the education, use and benefit of the inhabitants and citizens of the Borough of Berlin. The use and/or facilities of The Marie Fleche Memorial Library shall never be denied or abridged by reason of race, creed, religion or color or any other condition invalid under, or prohibited by the Laws of the State of New Jersey and/or the United States of America. The Board of Trustees acknowledges that to provide exemplary library services:

It will endeavor to recruit and maintain competent professional, administrative, clerical and maintenance staff.

The Board also agrees and acknowledges that it must constantly foster a proactive approach to maintaining and upgrading all aspects of our Library operations, programs, buildings, and facilities.

Also, the Board acknowledges, and accepts its fiduciary responsibilities to ensure that The Marie Fleche Memorial Library operates with transparency and in a sound fiscal way for the benefit of our patrons and the citizens of Berlin Borough.

Approved: September 5, 2013

NOTE: The Mission Statement above was composed by former Berlin Boro Mayor and President of the Library Board of Trustees, Millard Wilkinson, Jr. and approved by members of the MFML Board of Trustees on September 5, 2013. Most of the above information comes directly from the “Deed of Trust” submitted by Lucien P. Fleche to Mayor and Council and was accepted in May 1957.