Policy Statement:

The Marie Fleche Memorial Library offers free Internet access to all patrons. The Library endorses the American Library Association Bill of Rights and all library users are provided equal access to resources available on the Internet.

Since the Internet is an unregulated medium, not all of its sources provide accurate, complete or current information. Each user must accept responsibility for determining which information is appropriate. Parents or guardians of minors are responsible for the information accessed by their children, and are advised to supervise their children’s Internet use while at the Library.

Internet computers may not be used for fraudulent or unlawful purposes, including inappropriate behavior which violates local, state or federal law. Certain web sites are not suitable to a public library setting. Viewing of these sites is inappropriate.

The staff has the authority to terminate an Internet session at any time due to loud and disruptive behavior, downloading software, invading system security or damaging equipment. Continuing disregard for viewing or usage policies will result in revocation of Internet privileges. Anyone mishandling hardware or software will be charged for repairs.

  • Computers are available for patrons with a valid Berlin Borough library card and Berlin Borough residents. If you are a Berlin Borough resident and do not have a library card, proof of address must be shown. If you are not a Berlin Borough resident and do not have a Berlin Borough library card access to the computers is limited to 60 minutes per day.
  • You must sign in at the front desk to use one of the computers.
  • A one hour rule is enforced when other patrons are waiting to use computers. The library reserves the right to interrupt an extended session with five minutes notice.
  • No food or beverages are permitted in the proximity of any computer hardware.
  • The Library does not filter content on its computers or provide filtering software.
  • User data may not be saved or stored on the hard drives of Library computers. Users must supply their own storage device, such as flash drives, to save their data.
  • The Library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to a user’s computer files, data or property, including USB flash drives, floppy disks or other media, software or hardware.
  • The Library accepts no responsibility for the security of transactions involving credit card numbers, account numbers or any other private information on public computers. Users who choose to enter personal data and credit card information or make purchases over the Internet do so at their own risk.
  • Viewing or printing material from the Internet that constitutes obscenity as defined in NJSA 2C:34-2 or 2C:34-3 violates NJ State law against public communication of indecency (NJSA 2C:34-4) and is prohibited.
  • Library computing resources should be used in accordance with the commonly accepted ethical standards of the Library. The use of library computers to perpetuate hacking, spamming, harassment, threats or other malicious activity is strictly forbidden.
  • Settings or software configurations cannot be altered. Only software installed by the Library may be used. (See: Library Responsibilities Section)
  • All applications must be closed when finished. Do not shut down computers.
  • Black and white printouts are $.10 per page; color printouts are $ .50 per page. Copies must be paid for at the front desk.
  • Library Patrons must be logged off of the computers 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • Internet access in the children’s room is available only to children through the eighth grade.
  • Parents of children second grade or younger must physically be seated at the computer with their children.
  • The children’s room Internet computers are equipped with filtering software. Because no Internet filter is foolproof, parents or guardians are responsible for the Internet information selected or accessed by their children.

Library personnel do not provide extensive individual instruction in the use of the library’s public computers. However, the staff will provide limited instruction, time permitting, on the basics of Internet and computer use.


The Library will install and maintain commercially available antivirus and spyware protection software on its computers and network; however the Library is not responsible for any damage done to computer users’ media, data, hardware or software by any virus which may have been contracted on or through Library equipment or by the malfunctioning of library hardware, software, or communications. The Library will perform network, hardware and software maintenance during off hours; however, the Library, at its sole discretion, may limit user access to computers and/or terminate a user’s session for the purposes of problem resolution.

– Approved 5/3/2017, rev 12/6/17