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In celebration of the 100th anniversary of women winning the right to vote, come see this traveling exhibit and learn how New Jersey Suffragettes used branding, publicity, new technology and political protest to win the right to vote.  Stop by the library December 9th thru 12th to see this traveling exhibit. 

This exhibit is on loan to us by the Long-A-Coming Historical Society and Ye Olde Newton-Nassau Chapter, NSDAR



Literacy Access Fund Grant


CHESTER, PA – Literacy Access Fund, a 501(c)(3), public charity, announces a grant award of $10,000 to the Marie Fleche Memorial Library in Berlin Borough, Camden County, New Jersey. Literacy Access Fund secures funding from corporate, foundation, and individual partners in order to provide financial support to underfunded public libraries through a competitive granting process. The goal of the organization is to help libraries provide equal access to quality resources for young learners, regardless of economic factors.

This award will help fund the acquisition of state-of-the-art technology for young children and other library resources.

Nancy Grover, President of the Marie Fleche Memorial Library’s Board of Trustees, noted the Board’s gratitude to Literacy Access Fund for the award. “Our library is fairly small in size and funding. The grant you have given us will enable us to offer more computer programs to the children who frequent our library. We feel honored to have been chosen to receive this grant. Thank you very much.”

This award provides us with the opportunity to create a program that is lacking in our library. These two new workstations will give us the ability to add a critical learning skill set for young children as they prepare to enter pre-K and elementary school.” according to Christine Flynn, Director of the Library. Please feel free to contact me at (856)767-2448, ext. 5 with any questions regarding the workstations.

Deborah B. Sorgi, Ed.D., Chair, Director & President of Literacy Access Fund, shared her thoughts. “Literacy Access Fund is pleased to support the Marie Fleche Memorial Library’s efforts to create a dedicated technology program for young learners that was lacking in the library. Ms. Flynn’s technology initiatives will add a critical skill set for the young learners of Berlin Borough and we are proud to partner with this effort.” Dr. Sorgi also noted, “We are continuing to identify and support deserving public libraries to help their littlest members read and succeed in school and life.”

For more information about Literacy Access Fund, visit or call 610-833-6411.


About the Marie Fleche Memorial Library
The Mission of The Marie Fleche Memorial Library as established by our benefactor, Lucien P. Fleche, provides that the Library premises, buildings, and facilities shall be held, used, maintained and administered in perpetuity for the education, use, and benefit of the general public and particularly for the education, use, and benefit of the inhabitants and citizens of the Borough of Berlin.

About Literacy Access Fund
The mission of Literacy Access Fund is to make literacy a possibility for every child, in every community. The organization supports the public library as a community learning hub and a vital extension of the classroom and awards grants to underfunded public libraries to increase equal access to early literacy skills for young learners. Literacy Access Fund is headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania, with the ability to support public libraries across the United States.

Holiday Story Hour 2018

You always hear that Santa knows what you are doing…well today was proof for our children attending the Holiday Story Hour!!!What a surprise for them as a fire truck arrived with Santa on board.Santa was being escorted by one of our firemen to a few last minute stops when he decided to join the children…Santa even joined in with a chorus of Jingle Bells.

Summer Reading Blast Off 2019

The 2019 Summer Reading Program, “A Universe of Stories,” got off to a spectacular start with the magic and storytelling by Digger and David.The children were enthralled as David performed his magic with Digger while telling his story of “A Gift From The Moon.”It was a fun way to learn about the moon and developing friendships.

Animal Show

An animal ambassador from Eyes of the Wild, an exotic animal rescue group, presented a variety of species during today’s special program.The animals ranged from a “domestic” bunny to a Wallaby.The program was very informative as she explained the various habits, origin of their homeland and how to protect some of the wildlife that was brought to the library.Their organizations goal is to give unwanted, neglected and confiscated creatures the proper care they deserve.The Eyes of the Wild moto is L.E.A.P – Learn Enjoy Advocate Protect!

The Sky’s the Limit

This interactive program, from House Fun and Fitness, involved listening to a story and then getting up and moving about to include some exercise…jumping jacks, going through and around pool noodles, and getting sponges to fly!!!

End of Summer Reading Program/Party 2019

This year’s end of summer reading program was a celebration mixed with music, magic and books performed by Joe Holiday’s Reading Rocks Magic Show.With the assistance of the children, Mr. Holiday’s first trick had them inserting paper into a cylinder resulting in candy pouring out into a bowl.The tricks and various books were introduced to illustrate the use of your imagination and sleight of hand:from golf balls becoming golf clubs, pulling the card that was marked with someone’s initial, to an umbrella’s material turning into a large scarf the entertainment was nonstop.

The summer program concluded with a pizza party, donated by Angelo’s Pizza.The Grand Prize winner of this year’s summer reading program, based on our Summer Reading Program’s criteria, was also selected.We were pleased that this year’s winner, Sean Somers, was in attendance to receive his basket of prizes. Congratulations!!!

Trick or Treat

Halloween fun was had by all…super costumes, monster stories, a pumpkin craft, Trick or Treat and still time for a snack!!

Swamp Songs

The Adventure Aquarium’s Outreach Traveling program featured unusual “marsh” and aquatic critters.The program was extremely informative regarding the do’s and don’ts if you ever encounter one.A few of them even made some unique sounds that when you listen carefully they create a melody that could be heard in the marshlands.The Cane Toad was the first that made “musical” sounds and was shown to everyone.It makes a very interesting sound and many of their songs can be found on You Tube.The Madagascar hissing cockroach was one that some of the children enjoyed touching.The hissing sound is very loud and easily heard. Next was the Northern pine snake that can be found within our Pine Barrens.It moved continuously wrapping itself around the handler. If you ever encounter one while visiting that area we were told to leave it be.The Horseshoe Crab was interesting, particularly when he was turned upside down.They are often found on our beaches and try to right themselves by using their long tail…sometimes they do need assistance, so don’t hesitate to turn them over.

Musical Sounds

Linda Millenbach, teacher from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, brought a variety of wind instruments and other objects to show the children how musical sounds are all around us.Linda starting out by teaching the children how to simply blow through their lips to create a sound, of course, you can imagine the variety of sounds that were emitted.By demonstrating with various size bottles and volunteers from the group, we were able to hear how the size of an object can make a difference in the tone or pitch.As the flutes, saxophones and other types of instruments were brought out the children were given the opportunity to experience firsthand how to blow into a flute, push on the keys and experience the weight of some of the heavier pieces.The program concluded with each child making their own wind instrument out of straws.

Animal Show and End of Summer Reading Party

A ferret going through tubes, flying Squirrels and a Cockatoo driving a toy jeep, Colette Bogie’s Stoney the Party Llama animal show kept both the children and adults squealing with joy!!As the program progressed, Colette had everyone joining the chickens by asking both the children and adults to do the “Chicken Dance.”This interactive animal program filled the library with sounds of laughter, gasps of surprise, and joyful anticipation as they awaited the next surprise “guest.”

The program ended with a pizza party donated by Angelo’s Pizza in Berlin and goodie bags for everyone!!


The 60th anniversary of the Marie Fleche Memorial Library and our expansion into the Historic Berlin Hotel was a very joyous occasion. Mayor James Bilella and Millard Wilkinson, Jr., President of the MFML Trustees, started the day with opening remarks.

New and old friends had the opportunity to reminisce in a comfortable environment, as the younger children took part in face painting, crafts and balloon characters being made. Refreshments were enjoyed by everyone. Thank you to all who volunteered their time to make this day a success.

Owl Show and Tell 2017

Owls are normally nocturnal but not when they visit our library!!! Kristen Volpi, from Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge On Wheels, explained some interesting facts about owls by engaging the young children in a skit as they pretended to be on a nighttime search for owls. While reading the book “Owl Babies” Kristen would stop and have the children emulate the sounds of the owls and explained that every owl makes a different sound. Before bringing out the owls she asked that the children be quiet since the owls have very sensitive ears. The first owl to be shown is one of the smaller owls known as a small Screech Owl. It is perfectly named since it makes a whinnying song sound. The second owl, known as a Barred owl, is much larger with a wide wing span. It is known for its unique call of “hoo, hoo, too-HOO; hoo, hoo, too-HOO” and Kristen explained folks often joke that it sounds like its saying “who cooks for you.” After both owls were back in their cages, the children enthusiastically asked several more questions!

Pet Therapy 2017

Zach, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, owned by Dorothy Guzzo is a Pet Therapy dog who seemed to have just as much fun with the children, as they did with him. Zach loved the attention as the children proceeded to pet and give him lots of hugs. Dorothy explained how Zach was trained to visit folks who are often unable to get out and about or confined to wheelchairs and hospital beds. Whenever Zach is around he brightens up the room and brings a smile to everyone’s faces!